Kampala Birth Stories

The Birth of Hendrix

Proscovia and I met when she sought out my services after being recommended to me by a friend. This was her first pregnancy and as her partner lives abroad, she hired me as both doula and photographer, to provide the emotional support she needed as well as capture the birth to share with her partner, friends and family. When Proscovia’s due date came and went, she handled it so well, and she had faith that her baby would come when he was ready. She had the support of her OB to wait until 42 weeks to deliver.  She would walk daily and was taking great care of herself as she prepared for his arrival.

On the cusp of her 42nd week her labor began slowly, in fits and starts, and lasted for several days; marked by periods of intensity and periods of rest. We went in on a Sunday morning to be checked as the labor had picked up and was very intense, but decided to go home after labor stalled again and she was checked and found to be 2cm. Her regular doctor had been called away but she was in good hands with the on-call doctor, who was very supportive of her laboring at home.

Proscovia Tim Birth SM-9223-2.jpg

Proscovia labored at home for another night and day, until we went back in on Tuesday morning. The labor intensity increased but then stalled again and we decided to leave,  but with her waves picking up again during the car ride home, we were soon back at hospital. Things became so intense at this point, and she handled everything with such peace and calm, calling on the lord for strength, as myself and her friend Bridget offered encouragement, guided her through positions and used the rebozo to encourage rotation of the baby.

Proscovia Tim Birth SM-9253.jpg

IV fluids were administered in the early evening, as she was so exhausted and had become dehydrated due to vomiting. Now at 4 cm and after many positions were tried, we awaited the arrival of her OB to discuss options. Unfortunately Hendrix was not rotating and descending, and had started to have some issues coping with labor, so we prepared to welcome him by C-section. Dr. was so supportive of Proscovia, talking through the change of plans and supported her wish to have me in theatre.

Proscovia Tim Birth SM-9318-2.jpg

The fascination and tears when Hendrix made his arrival was a joy to capture. Mom and baby had to be separated momentarily as she was cared for, but I went with baby and captured a video of his first cry, first measurements, and weight.

Proscovia Tim Birth SM-9339.jpg

Mom and son were soon reunited. Hendrix latched on immediately and the two of them settled in to get to know one another, and a bond of love immediately formed.

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