What is a doula?

The word ‘doula’ (pronounced ‘doo-la’) is a Greek word meaning ‘woman servant or caregiver’.

More recently, it refers to someone who offers emotional and physical support to a woman and her partner before, during and after childbirth.

As a doula, I believe in ‘mothering the mother’, enabling you to have the most satisfying experience that you can, from pregnancy and into motherhood.

This type of support allows the whole family, including the birth partner, to relax and enjoy the experience too. 

What do doulas do?

A doula can:

  • Help you to prepare for birth by offering informational support and preparation of a birth plan

  • Be an advocate who will assist you and your partner to follow your plans for your birth

  • Provide support, comfort and information to you and your partner before and during your labor

  • Reduce stress, pain, and anxiety through a variety of comfort measures (including massage, physical support, and advice on labor positions)

  • Help you labor as effectively as possible and remain by your side throughout the labor and delivery

  • Provide a calming influence on you and your partner

  • Provide advice on breastfeeding

What is included in the services?

My packages include a free initial consultation meeting to get to know one another and see if I am the right doula for you. Once you decide to hire me, a service agreement is signed, and we schedule prenatal visits to help you prepare for birth. This involves sharing information, creating a birth plan, practicing comfort measures, and meeting your health care provider (Midwife/OB).

I am “on call” starting at 38 weeks (2 weeks before your due date) until you give birth. I provide email and phone support during pregnancy to help answer any questions or provide information. During early labor, I am available for support, encouragement, clarification, or information until you call me to be by your side. Once I join you, I provide continuous support during labor, including emotional and physical support of mom, support of partner and/or siblings, coordination of family, and advocacy and information about any interventions or procedures. 

I employ a variety of birth support comfort measures and non-medical pain relief techniques during labor, including comforting touch, counter pressure, heat/cold therapy, breathing techniques, hydrotherapy, rebozo, visualization, position suggestions, and encouragement. I also support with explanation of procedures, and practical support for the husband/partner. As a trained Hypnodoula (Hypnobabies), I have expertise in supporting families who choose to use hypnosis for childbirth. 

After the birth, I stay with you up to two hours to help with initial breastfeeding. Within 3-4 days of the birth, we have a postnatal visit, which includes discussing your birth experience, your emotions and the need for ongoing support (lactation consultant, postpartum doula) as needed. I provide email and phone support up to a week after delivery. I have two packages: Standard and Premium, which vary based on the number of prenatal meetings included and access to my lending library. Please download the Doula Package Pricing guide for details on what is included.


Birth Doula Packages 2019

Premium Package - $650 USD

3 prenatal meetings, doctor’s visit, access to my lending library and videos, birth support, 1 post-natal meeting

Standard Package - $550 USD

2 prenatal meetings, birth support, 1 post-natal meeting

Birth Photography/doula bundle - $300 (added to doula package)